Raven’s Hollow Podcast: Traditional Publishing

The written version of my second episode as promised! For this post, I will primarily discuss Traditional publishing, including some comparisons with smaller publishers. I'll save Hybrid and Self-publishing for later, because looking over my outline, this is going to be beefy. We'll start with a little breakdown and background. Today there's a large number of... Continue Reading →


New Book Trailer

Updated my trailer and am proud of it once again! Also, man, I am such a liar! I was like "you might not hear from me..." and instead of packing I've been working like crazy on the computer. Expect a blog post from me in August crying to you about how terrible the move was... Continue Reading →

Pirated Again

Oh, look, I'm being pirated again and have the most votes I've ever received on any site. LOL. 1389 votes! Woo. I think the best part about this, is that if I don't want to be pirated, I could instead choose identity theft. I'd be upset, but people downloading from these sites were never planning... Continue Reading →

Raven’s Hollow Podcast: Traditional Publishing

  The new episode is up! Thinking about publishing? Check out my podcast and learn about the challenges and benefits of traditional publishing! I'll be posting the written version of the episode at some point... But for now, I shall return to my frenzied purging and packing D: ❤ WaterRaven  


In the midst of writing my fourth novel, I am also moving, LOLFMLDX. Oh, and I've got a convention between now and then--which I'm excited about, but UGH D: Sooooo... with that in mind, I most likely won't be posting much between now and then and just wanted to give a heads up. If anything... Continue Reading →

The Story of Iolite

A short story I wrote several years ago when I was trying my hand at classic fantasy and short fiction. Re-reading it, while I can tell it's my story and see overlapping themes from my published works, it's interesting to read something that's so different. I hope you enjoy ^_^ Cover art is mixed media:... Continue Reading →

Finishing Your Novel & New Podcast

Well, I did it. I bought a decent mic, searched for copyright-free music, and downloaded audacity (literally yesterday), and recorded my first podcast--and apparently just wrote a post on starting your own podcast. The End. But seriously, I've given it a lot of thought and while writing and art are my prefered mediums, I know... Continue Reading →

Anime North 2018 Recap

I meant to write a recap of Anime North and totes forgot. Sooooo... Anime North! I did some panels, I stood at a table, and I saw some cosplay. The end. Actually, we had some great panels this year. My line up this year was:   The Break Down The Business of Writing The business... Continue Reading →

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