My True Vampyre & A Digital Art Journey

Bianca WM

Latest art piece 🙂

The bestial form of my true vampyre. I unintentionally made her appear a little sad, but I think it works, because despite her vicious nature, there is a sadness to her. In the Detective Docherty series, true vampyres are a part of the fairy family, unlike turned vampires which are considered otherkin (the other kin of fairy).

I would tell you her name, but spoilers for those who haven’t read the books.

First book in the series Here.

A Digital Art Journey 

I thought I’d take this opportunity to show just how far I’ve come with my digital art. There was a time when I hated digital art and refused to try it, then came the time I sucked at it, until finally I found something I could work with, and began to mold my style in this new medium. Once that happened, my whole perspective on digital art changed.

Spike and Rarity watermark

A genuine wtf am I doing


This drawing was done using a small wacom tablet in Photoshop. I found looking at a screen and drawing on a tablet beyond frustrating. Also, prepare yourself for a lot of My Little Pony (MLP) fanart. I am a vintage MLP collector and watch the show, but mostly I find ponies to be a great go-to for practice.

waterraven and faolan outlinepaintwm

This is the best damn thing I ever drew with that tablet.

Unable to get the hang of drawing in Photoshop with the tablet, I tried to draw the line art by hand on paper first, then took a photo, unloaded the image,  and then cleaned it up, traced it, and colored it in. Eventually I gave up on digital art and only used Photoshop for my book covers and promotional graphics (which I drew and painted by hand).


Storm Kirin WM

Well holy sh*t 

Enter the iPad pro and Procreate (drawing program). Thanks to my friend Teabvt, I was introduced to drawing on an iPad with an apple pencil. That one trip to the coffee shop changed my life.

This was my first attempt at drawing on the new iPad. It’s not amazing, but it’s leagues ahead of the other crap I tried to draw. With this drawing, I got to really see the benefit of layering–when I do traditional art now, I really miss the layers (and the back button).


My Little Pony WM

Yeah, that’s a pink castle.

Fizzy Pop looking at Dream Castle while Applejack and Bubbles run in the field and Medley and Starshine play together in the sky. This was my first attempt at trying to mimic a style. I was going for the basic design that most MLP art has and it’s not great, but I was pretty happy with how Fizzy turned out.


My Little Last Unicorn

Now we’re talkin’

Ditching my attempts at the simple MLP style background, I decided to go for a semi-realistic, yet artful, background and drew The Last Unicorn as a plump G1 pony ^_^ I branched out and used a lot of different brushes for this one and managed to get some nice layering done, and although the overall lightness of the piece fits the dawn imagery, I think part of the reason it’s so light is because my brush strokes aren’t entirely confident yet.


My Little Sea Pony WM

Seaponies! 8D

Everything’s starting to come up Milhouse. My ponies are looking more three-dimensional and that background is LAYERED. I’m not a real fan of the castle in the back and I accidentally covered up the big shell I put as kind of like an Ivory Tower type thing, but whateves. I absolutely love the teal lion-fish type pony I designed for myself and overall, this is probably one of my best backgrounds (though I really like the forest above as well). I have done a lot of artwork throughout the years, but backgrounds have never been a strength of mine.


Bianca WM

And here we are. So you can see my digital style has come a long way. It’s kind of neat to see them all lined up like this and yes, I acknowledge that I have an MLP problem, but there will be more, so sorry, not sorry? 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can create using my iPad pro, but I’ve never been the kind of artist to dedicate myself to just one medium, so it’ll be interesting to see what characters and what scenes I pluck from my mind and in which medium I choose to share them. So, stay tuned for more artwork.

I hope you got a couple laughs from my digital art journey, because I know I did.

Thanks for reading,



I Tell Ya Wot

DDDT Glossaries example

As I stare at the Interior Reviewer on CreateSpace and try to figure out why my page numbers have suddenly disappeared, it occurs to me that I should write a blog post on why I do this shit to myself, and maybe provide some insight into self-publishing for those of you considering it.

It’s funny, I’ve never really been asked by my readers why I decided to self-publish, and I wonder sometimes if it’s because people think I didn’t have a choice. Maybe I had submitted my first manuscript to multiple agents or publishing houses and had gotten declined, but no, I didn’t even bother. The truth is I knew I could publish my books myself. I knew I could write a story and get it to my readers the way I wanted to and without compromise. I mean, there may come a day where I want to expand my reach through a publishing house,  but at the moment I am very happy and fulfilled with self-publishing. Would I like more readers? Always, but I know either way, I will never stop creating.

Maybe it was a choice I made out of the need to control the art I was making or maybe it was because I wanted to prove to myself I could do it, but either way, the decision to self-publish was a very hard and yet very rewarding decision.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, I’d like to suggest doing your research first. The decision to self-publish shouldn’t be made lightly. Yes, you get to keep all the rights to your story and characters, and yes, you can write it however you want and choose your own cover art, but make no mistake, it is a lot of hard work and comes with an incredible amount of pressure and responsibility. You are your own gatekeeper. Without a team of editors and a marketing department, it’s up to you to make sure your novel is worth every dime your readers have spent on it. As a self-published author, I am not only the writer, but I am also the chief and managing editor, accountant, and the lead marketer and sales rep., and because I’m a special kind of crazy, I’m also my company’s art department.

In truth, I am no editor (I mean, look at this article) and knowing my own limitations, it is my responsibility to work on my writing and to hire a professional editor to work with me on my books. If I’m going to make it out there as an author, I need to make sure I’m delivering the best product that I can, and that means hiring outside help when I need it.

I have changed the cover art for Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears twice and I have updated the manuscript somewhere around ten times since it’s publication in 2012. It was my first novel and while I got lucky with a lot of forgiving readers at the beginning, I knew I had to go back into again and again until I was confident the book deserved to be on the same shelves as Random House, Penguin, and DAW.

Readers 100% judge a book by it’s cover. Not investing in good cover art and promotional graphics can really harm your book’s chances, because that’s the first thing a reader sees. They will never get to appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into the interior, if you don’t catch their attention with the exterior.

The self-published authors that I see fail, often struggle because they are unable to afford an editor or because they make other compromises on quality, such as poor cover art or poor marketing. My first cover screamed self-published amateur and did not sell well, while my current is unique enough to draw attention and sells well. While most self-published authors cannot hire an entire marketing department (and understandably so), we can do research, attend panels and workshops at conventions, and make sure we update our material and promote it as much as we can.

Having been published a few years now, I’ve met quite a few aspiring writers and get asked a lot of questions. One of the most popular questions I get asked is “How do I finish my novel?” I’d like to address that question in another post, but I bring it up now because I feel the hardest part about self-publishing isn’t the writing, it’s creating a book that competes with the novels published by a team of hired professionals.



Realizing I had a ton of space on my back cover to help sell my story, I re-visited my original design and added jokes to demonstrate some of the humor of the series. I also added a QR code after reading several articles discussing how QR codes have become main stream again.


The first pair of species profiles that I made for the promotion of the Detective Docherty series were re-shared over a thousand times on Tumblr (and still get shared today), so naturally I made more. However, it’s been several years and these profiles don’t see much movement, so I know it’s time to move on to something else and re-visit my marketing plan.

That being said, fuck everyone else. You can do it. Acknowledge and accept just how much work you’re going to have to do and how much work has to go into your book; break it down, research it, and create a masterpiece that’s going to touch lives. Make sure you take the time and spend the money to produce a quality product that represents you and the world you’ve created.

Sit up late at night, read through you manuscript three times, edit it, read through it some more, and then spend a month formatting and making the cover art perfect. If your book isn’t selling, get a second pair of eyes on it, revisit your cover art, and come up with a new marketing plan. Torture yourself with your art and never compromise, because writing is what you were meant to do. Now stop reading this and get writing, because I have a manuscript to edit.

All the best,





New Edition



New look for the latest edition of Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears. The book includes some minor re-writes, additional graphics, and some blood–I mean ink splatter… Along with a new matte finish!

Books will be available on Amazon this week and at upcoming conventions and book signings.


Becloud Over Me

As I write the fourth book in the Detective Docherty series, I’m inspired by music and lyrics that I feel express what the characters are going through. If it’s not your particular genre of music, I have included the lyrics below.

They’re all in the dark, surrounded by sharks–and the sky is falling down, and down…

Fallen trees, it’s hard to breathe
But I will keep fighting
Broken walls, nowhere to fall
But I will keep climbing

I can’t see, I’m in the dark
Surrounded by sharks
Becloud over me
I can’t see, I’m in the dark
Surrounded by sharks
Becloud over me

Just take me home, just take me home
Now the sky is falling
Don’t let it fall, don’t let me go
Now the sky is falling
Down, down, down, down, down on me
Down, down, down, down, down on me

Here’s hoping things turn around for Docherty and the team.





harpy profile

Yep, there are harpies in the World of Detective Docherty.

I saw my first harpy watching the movie, The Last Unicorn, an animated film based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle, and I wouldn’t see another harpy again until I saw the film, Jason and the Argonauts (with claymation!). It was hard to forget those hideous, winged women, tormenting a blind man while he was trying to eat. And so, thanks to T.V., harpies were added to my mental bestiary and will soon be appearing in my upcoming book.


GTA Comic Con

GTA Comic con promo

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA! With the holiday season approaching and convention season dying down, I’ve been focusing on writing. I’ve been working on a couple of projects and the next Detective Docherty, so there will be updates on those projects soon!

This Sunday will be my last convention appearance for the season. I am pretty much out of stock, lol, so I’ll have copies of the first book and one or two of the third. I’ve been cleaned out of my second novel and wont have copies of those till the new year.

I will however have fairy lanterns for sale! That’s right, fairies trapped in jars by the goblin king himself! Lanterns are $10/each.


I hope to see you there!



For information on location, time, and admission frees, please visit the GTA Comic Con website: GTA Comic Con

or check out their Facebook!


First Look

Here’s a first look at some of the new changes to the pages of Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears. 

Small icons to divide the pages with either fangs or waves.

DDDT Icon example


Plus, a new mermaid friend for the glossary section and a magickal design to frame the page numbers for added fun 😀

DDDT Glossaries example

Going forward, I will be implementing all of these changes to each novel in the series. Though they are only small touches, I find them to be rather charming. I hope you do as well ^_^

In addition to the new icons, I made some small changes to the manuscript, I updated information and changed anything I needed to for consistency. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to Una from Quills and Queries for the edits and suggestions she made for Demon’s Tears. I really value her input and have to say I love how crisp and new everything feels. Every author’s first book is a learning experience and Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears has seen it’s fair share of edits, but I finally feel confident and proud of my first book and I owe that largely to the work that Una has put into it. So, thank you so much Una, and if anyone reading this is in need of an editor, I highly recommend her.

Now that Demon’s Tears is all shiny and new again, I will be juggling updating the rest of the books in the series while I write the fourth novel. In addition, Josh and I are creating a new set up for conventions and signings, so my plate will be pretty full for the upcoming winter months. During this time my blog and social media accounts might become neglected, but rest assured the fourth book is on it’s way 🙂