Onward to 2023!

Happy Belated Chanukah and Merry Belated Winter Solstice to those who celebrate! Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish happiness to everyone this season and many blessings on whichever holiday you celebrate. For my family, we celebrate Chanukah and Yule/the Winter Solstice. Similar to how I grew up, our family is a mixed... Continue Reading →

Hello and welcome to my belated Preptober 2022 blog post! Preptober is a relatively new event where writers the world over prepare for a national (and international) event called Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). Nanowrimo is a month long writing challenge to finish a book in one month. Preptober is all about preparing for that... Continue Reading →

A Note on Moon Knight

It may come as a surprise for some to learn that I was raised Jewish. That I went to Hebrew school on Sundays and not Church. It may also be surprising to learn that while my home was mixed, I did in fact have a Bat Mitzvah and lit the menorah each Chanukah. My mother's... Continue Reading →

News from The Hollow!

Happy belated New Year! I am READY for spring!!!!1111one Get me out of this house already!  It's definitely been cabin fever over here. A couple of nice sunny days and I've pulled my seeds out for gardening and started the annual spring cleaning (PURGE), where I load up the Facebook marketplace and trading groups with... Continue Reading →

When Jasy Whistles

I'm an avid comic reader as well as a book lover, and I've been reading this refreshing webcomic called When Jasy Whistles, created by Cibeles. It takes place in a small village in Paraguay, where a young chieftain is trying her best to bring her people back to their village. When she was young, it... Continue Reading →

Art to Start the Year

Happy New Year ^_^ Where to start? I have all of these blogging ideas and a backlog of started drafts for my blog, but between working on improving my art style, looking after my wee fairy child, and writing a novella, I haven't had much time for blog posts. However, I am here to report... Continue Reading →

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