The Kelpie

This is a wordless comic strip that I read a few years ago. It's about an artist who encounters a kelpie in his youth. I thought it would be fun to share as it's easy to imagine this kind of thing happening in the world of Detective Docherty. Only, our Detective would have believed him ... Continue Reading →


The Process

  EDM (electronic dance music) makes up a lot of my playlist these days. I've always been a trance junkie, so it's no surprise, but don't worry, I still appreciate real instruments and vocals. I'm a sucker for movie scores, indie, and folk, so all is well. Rest assured dear reader, I've got my ears... Continue Reading →

Morkeleb the Black

Had some time to practice my watercolor techniques recently and decided to make some fanart. This is Morkeleb the Black from Barbara Hambly's novel, Dragonsbane. In her series, dragons fade to black as they age. I'm looking forward to creating more works with watercolor and hope to have more pieces done soon. Prints are available... Continue Reading →


The elven prince and brother to the Goblin King. My first full digital painting of an elf/humanoid 🙂 I've always pictured Faolan with a kind and understanding expression. I hope I conveyed that here. We'll see who or what I draw next from my books! I do have another painting that I'll be posting shortly,... Continue Reading →

My True Vampyre & A Digital Art Journey

Latest art piece 🙂 The bestial form of my true vampyre. I unintentionally made her appear a little sad, but I think it works, because despite her vicious nature, there is a sadness to her. In the Detective Docherty series, true vampyres are a part of the fairy family, unlike turned vampires which are considered... Continue Reading →

I Tell Ya Wot

As I stare at the Interior Reviewer on CreateSpace and try to figure out why my page numbers have suddenly disappeared, it occurs to me that I should write a blog post on why I do this shit to myself, and maybe provide some insight into self-publishing for those of you considering it. It's funny,... Continue Reading →

New Edition

  New look for the latest edition of Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears. The book includes some minor re-writes, additional graphics, and some blood--I mean ink splatter... Along with a new matte finish! Books will be available on Amazon this week and at upcoming conventions and book signings. -WaterRaven

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