Ad Astra 2017

I’ll do my best to write this post before I forget everything from this past weekend. Ad Astra 2017  was… THE BEST AD ASTRA YET! WOO!

Ad Astra 2017 was full of endless amusement, hilarity, and was without a doubt an all around good time!

ad astra table close up

Where to start? Well, it was wonderful to see my fellow authors again:

Jen Frankel – author of one of my fave books: Undead Redhead

Kit DavenThe Forgotten Gemstone *swoon* Another of my all time faves.

Timothy Carter – insert snort here–because Section K is hilariously awesome! As are all of Tim’s books.

Alisse Lee Goldenberg – Recently released Song of Hadariah, a great look into the world of Jewish Mysticism and a new look at classic fairy tales. I was lucky enough to read it before release!

Cameron S. Currie – His book Shiv is next on my reading list! Can’t wait to read it. I absolutely loved his reading at Ad Astra last year.

Vanessa Ricci-Thode – Author of Dragon Whisperer which I have yet to read, though I’ve known Vanessa for years and frickin’ love her!

James Bambury – A short fiction writer with his own web comic out. I’ve had the pleasure of reading one of James’s short stories and it was, for lack of a better word: Great. I loved how simple and yet deep it was. Definitely a story that left me thinking. I also adore James’s web comic, Spacebox, check it out here: SpaceBox

Eric Choi – We had a Star Trek panel together a couple years ago and have been friends ever since! I haven’t had the chance to read one of Eric’s stories yet, but I definitely plan on it!

I also had the privilege of meeting other local authors such as the wonderful Matthew Bin, who I now plan on stalking being BFFs with 🙂

ad astra ecology panel

I usually have something either up my nose or obstructing my face when on a panel …

There were quite a few guests and guests of honor that attended this year as well. I had the privilege of being on panels with a couple of them. Authors such as Kristen Britain and even Brandon Sanderson, though truth be told, I only saw him in passing. Kristen and I got a chance to be on a fantastic panel together: The Ecology of World building. There were several other awesome authors on that panel as well and I regret not getting their names.  I recall a lot of laughing and conversation continuously digressing to fungus and goo–both of which clearly play an important role in ecology, but overall I hope those who attended found the panel as informative and interesting as I did.

ad astra dc panel

My favorite fellow panelist this year (sorry everyone) was definitely Michael Martineck (on my left). We bonded over our love for DC and Marvel. Our panel focused on both big comic franchises; what was working for them and what wasn’t, and even though we swore to be mortal enemies before the panel started, we became allies in our love for superheroes! We even stayed half an hour after our panel to keep chatting with some of the guests. Michael has written for DC in the past and is a published author. You bet I will be checking his stuff out. I only hope we’ll be reunited again some day.


I had to get a photo with Ann and Mike. Two of my first readers. They are both near and dear to my heart. They attended my first reading at Ad Astra and inspired me to continue to write. Thank you.

How to summarize the rest? I had a great reading. I was delighted to see a small crowd gathered at 9:30 at night to listen to me, hahaha, but there were people there! Thank you to those who stayed up and laughed with me–and laugh we did, while I described a fat nerd sitting in a cargo fan watching a religious fanatic kill a vampire hooker. That’s just the kind of class I bring to these events, folks.

When I wasn’t discussing comics, books, or ecology, I was schmoozing–schmoozing hard. Saturday night rolled around and it was a whirlwind of amazing. Josh and I attended a reading and book launch hosted by Kit Daven and Jen Frankel (though I missed Kit’s reading. Forgive me!) and then we attended Genrecon’s party (they nailed it) and then we stumbled over into the con suite to chat and hang there,–and finally–on our way back to our room to rest??? we somehow ended up on the dance floor. What a night! What a weekend!

Sunday rolled in way too fast. I wasn’t ready to leave, honestly. I wanted a couple more days, even a week, to keep the party going. Nothing pumps me up and gets me ready to hammer out another book like a good convention and this year’s Ad Astra certainly handed me a hammer of inspiration.

I can’t wait for next year. Thanks for reading–








Mission Accomplished

DDSG cover luluDetective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game is finished! Early releases of the eBook and trade paperback are now available to my patrons through, but will be available to the rest of the world in a couple of weeks! Hoorah!

It’s taken WAAAAAAY too long for this book to be published and I am NOT going to let that happen for the next two books. I want to see this series through and I want it to get to my readers faster. I have so many books and series planned that I simply can’t let each book take two years.

And so, this year, I am going to try to publish two books: Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse (book IV) and another book, separate from this series (title to be announced). It’s going to take a lot of work, dedication, and proper time management (something I know nothing about), but I’m going to try! Thanks to a couple patrons and those friends and family who have supported me outside of, I was able to get this last book published.

Hopefully with sales from Detective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game and the help of my patrons, I’ll be able to hammer out these next two books without the financial constraints that put this last book on hold.

Well, I guess I have some books to write 🙂

More updates coming soon.



Heroes Manufactured Movie Premiere

Heroes Manufactured PremiereLast Friday, my friends at We Got the Geek and I attended a movie premiere for a documentary called Heroes Manufactured, written and directed by Yaron Betan. It focuses primarily on indie comic artists and publishers trying to break into the main stream and explores the comic book industry on a large spectrum. In the documentary we not only hear from local artists and writers in the Greater Toronto Area, but also from big names in the industry such as Stan Lee.

The documentary is diverse, but primarily follows the efforts and hard work of Alfonso Espinos, local comic artist, writer, and owner of Studio Comix Press, as he travels around Canada promoting his works and the works of those he’s published. We also get to look inside the studio and office of local artist, Meaghan Carter and her fellow female artists (woo!), in addition to hearing from Shane Krishenblatt, Andy Stanleigh, and Ty Templeton.

Every person in the documentary has something to give: their experiences, be they failures or triumphs, advice, or honest truths–and there were some hard truths to hear, but above all else, I felt they offered inspiration to writers and artists like myself.

Watching this documentary, I have to say, I really saw strong parallels between the comic book industry and the publishing industry. I saw a lot of the same challenges and hardships faced by indie authors, but I walked away feeling ready to take on big publishing and I hope that if you watch Heroes Manufactured, that you do too.

I’d like to end with a short video of myself on the train home with the We Got the Geek crew and friends and our energy and impressions after the premiere. And– forgive me, if this is your fist time seeing me in person, get ready for it. As professional as I try to be on this blog and in literature, I am really just another crazy artist 😉