I’ve been Drawing

I've been practicing drawing hooman-type things. Above is one of my MC's from Detective Docherty. He's a vampire named Ares (some of you may know him >.>) I've drawn my whole life, but growing up, I never wanted to draw people; I wanted to draw animals and mythological creatures. Ever since I can remember it... Continue Reading →

Updates Bebeh

Oh yeah! Front and back covers are ready for printing ❤ Okay, I need to get the barcode on there, but you get the idea! I am so excited. I cannot wait for this book to be in print and in my hands. I wrote it on a whim, through a particularly hard time, and... Continue Reading →

AnimeNorth 2019

It's that time of year again! Anime North is this weekend--and here's what's up! I'll be at the convention Saturday & Sunday. Sadly, I Fell in Love with a Necromancer was not ready for printing, however it will be published this June. Editing just took a little longer than expected. Over the weekend I'll be... Continue Reading →

Do You Even Write Books Anymore?

So I've been a busy little chaotic entity. The rough draft of I Fell in Love with a Necromancer (IFLN) is finished. I am currently editing and doing minor rewrites but I'm happy to announce I'll be publishing this novel in the spring as planned 😀 The cover art might get tweaked a little but... Continue Reading →

The Ecology of World Building

When constructing any world, understanding how an environment shapes the animals, plants, and people that live in it will help you provide a better and more enriching experience for your readers, allowing them to get lost in your world and not lost in trying to make sense of it. Let's start with some basic terms.... Continue Reading →

Genrecon this Weekend!

Genrecon 2019 I'm returning to Genrecon in Guelph, Ontario as a panelist! Genrecon will also be taking place this coming weekend from February 9th to the 10th. My schedule is as follows: Saturday February 9th 4:30-5:30pm I Have an idea, now what?  Location: Aberfoyl Room6:00-7:00pm Ecology of World Building  Location: Elora Room Sunday February 10th 1:00-2:00pm Finishing Your Novel ... Continue Reading →


Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears is free all week! This book is full of vampires, pixies, and all manner of creatures with sharp teeth. Click the picture above for your free download!

Updates from the Hollow

  I am apparently incapable of staying off the internet. I said I might not post until August, and here I am, two weeks away from moving, posting on this blog. But there are just so many exciting things happening and I simply cannot resist a couple of announcements! First and foremost, Ad Astra was... Continue Reading →

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