Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears Audiobook!

It’s here! The Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears Audiobook is officially out in the world!

If you’re ready to experience the world of Detective Docherty in a whole new way, here’s a link with store options, including Audible, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and more:

Click Here to Buy the Audiobook

Below is the retail sample, which I added a little candlelit razzle-dazzle to, and I hope you enjoy! It’s not long, but it’s a great pick for the sample. Rob Brinkmann, the narrator, picked it and honestly, I think it’s the perfect spot. It not only shows his diversity as a narrator and how he brings each character to life, but it also gives a little peek into the magic of the Dochertyverse without giving anything away 🙂

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