Inclusive Resource for Authors

For those of you interested in pursuing writing or who belong to the author community, I thought I'd share a resource that I have often turned to be more inclusive in my writing. When I first started out, I wrote what was familiar to me, which was primarily white, hetero-characters (as reflected in the first... Continue Reading →

Art, Art, Everywhere

And too much on my plate! It's good to be busy, especially now, but man is the pressure on, because... I am pregnant! I only have until August (August 20th going by my Due Date) to write two books and get them published before I'm stumbling through baby care 😅 (Lmao, flails, falls over). We're... Continue Reading →

Updates Bebeh

Oh yeah! Front and back covers are ready for printing ❤ Okay, I need to get the barcode on there, but you get the idea! I am so excited. I cannot wait for this book to be in print and in my hands. I wrote it on a whim, through a particularly hard time, and... Continue Reading →

AnimeNorth 2019

It's that time of year again! Anime North is this weekend--and here's what's up! I'll be at the convention Saturday & Sunday. Sadly, I Fell in Love with a Necromancer was not ready for printing, however it will be published this June. Editing just took a little longer than expected. Over the weekend I'll be... Continue Reading →

Raven’s Hollow Podcast: Traditional Publishing

The written version of my second episode as promised! For this post, I will primarily discuss Traditional publishing, including some comparisons with smaller publishers. I'll save Hybrid and Self-publishing for later, because looking over my outline, this is going to be beefy. We'll start with a little breakdown and background. Today there's a large number of... Continue Reading →

Raven’s Hollow Podcast: Traditional Publishing

  The new episode is up! Thinking about publishing? Check out my podcast and learn about the challenges and benefits of traditional publishing! I'll be posting the written version of the episode at some point... But for now, I shall return to my frenzied purging and packing D: ❤ WaterRaven  

Finishing Your Novel & New Podcast

Well, I did it. I bought a decent mic, searched for copyright-free music, and downloaded audacity (literally yesterday), and recorded my first podcast--and apparently just wrote a post on starting your own podcast. The End. But seriously, I've given it a lot of thought and while writing and art are my prefered mediums, I know... Continue Reading →

The Process

  EDM (electronic dance music) makes up a lot of my playlist these days. I've always been a trance junkie, so it's no surprise, but don't worry, I still appreciate real instruments and vocals. I'm a sucker for movie scores, indie, and folk, so all is well. Rest assured dear reader, I've got my ears... Continue Reading →

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