Let’s Do Some Sales

For the Month of April, all my ebooks will be .99 or free. In light of everything going on, with global loss and financial strain, I decided to reduce all my prices in the hopes that my books are more accessible to everyone. Detecitve Docherty and the Demon's Tears: https://books2read.com/u/4Xa8a7 Detective Docherty and the Vampire's... Continue Reading →

New Book Trailer

Updated my trailer and am proud of it once again! Also, man, I am such a liar! I was like "you might not hear from me..." and instead of packing I've been working like crazy on the computer. Expect a blog post from me in August crying to you about how terrible the move was... Continue Reading →

The Story of Iolite

A short story I wrote several years ago when I was trying my hand at classic fantasy and short fiction. Re-reading it, while I can tell it's my story and see overlapping themes from my published works, it's interesting to read something that's so different. I hope you enjoy ^_^ Cover art is mixed media:... Continue Reading →

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