The Necromancer Re-Brand

Heyoooooo. So, after a lot of thought, I decided to purchase new covers for my necromancer side series in the Dochertyverse... and I am NOT SORRY. Wow. Check this out: I am in love with that pink-haired beauty, the typography, and those dead people floating around her. WOO! Gabriella from BRoseDesignz did an amazing job.... Continue Reading →

Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse

Boom! eBook cover reveal!!! 🥳 It's finally time. Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse is written and in the hands of the editor. Once it's back, I'll be working to get it published. I haven't set any dates yet, but I'm aiming to have the eBook published and the paperback right behind it this summer.... Continue Reading →


Introducing: The New Face of Docherty 🙂 Cover art by Evelyne Paniez I spent a good month debating on whether to re-brand all of my covers and, really, the entire mental representation I had of my world. Needless to say, it was an extremely hard decision. In fact, I made a facebook post with the... Continue Reading →

I’ve been Drawing

I've been practicing drawing hooman-type things. Above is one of my MC's from Detective Docherty. He's a vampire named Ares (some of you may know him >.>) I've drawn my whole life, but growing up, I never wanted to draw people; I wanted to draw animals and mythological creatures. Ever since I can remember it... Continue Reading →


Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears is free all week! This book is full of vampires, pixies, and all manner of creatures with sharp teeth. Click the picture above for your free download!

New Book Trailer

Updated my trailer and am proud of it once again! Also, man, I am such a liar! I was like "you might not hear from me..." and instead of packing I've been working like crazy on the computer. Expect a blog post from me in August crying to you about how terrible the move was... Continue Reading →

Pirated Again

Oh, look, I'm being pirated again and have the most votes I've ever received on any site. LOL. 1389 votes! Woo. I think the best part about this, is that if I don't want to be pirated, I could instead choose identity theft. I'd be upset, but people downloading from these sites were never planning... Continue Reading →


The elven prince and brother to the Goblin King. My first full digital painting of an elf/humanoid 🙂 I've always pictured Faolan with a kind and understanding expression. I hope I conveyed that here. We'll see who or what I draw next from my books! I do have another painting that I'll be posting shortly,... Continue Reading →

My True Vampyre & A Digital Art Journey

Latest art piece 🙂 The bestial form of my true vampyre. I unintentionally made her appear a little sad, but I think it works, because despite her vicious nature, there is a sadness to her. In the Detective Docherty series, true vampyres are a part of the fairy family, unlike turned vampires which are considered... Continue Reading →

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