Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse

Boom! eBook cover reveal!!! 🥳 It's finally time. Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse is written and in the hands of the editor. Once it's back, I'll be working to get it published. I haven't set any dates yet, but I'm aiming to have the eBook published and the paperback right behind it this summer.... Continue Reading →

Art, Art, Everywhere

And too much on my plate! It's good to be busy, especially now, but man is the pressure on, because... I am pregnant! I only have until August (August 20th going by my Due Date) to write two books and get them published before I'm stumbling through baby care 😅 (Lmao, flails, falls over). We're... Continue Reading →

Updates Bebeh

Oh yeah! Front and back covers are ready for printing ❤ Okay, I need to get the barcode on there, but you get the idea! I am so excited. I cannot wait for this book to be in print and in my hands. I wrote it on a whim, through a particularly hard time, and... Continue Reading →


In the midst of writing my fourth novel, I am also moving, LOLFMLDX. Oh, and I've got a convention between now and then--which I'm excited about, but UGH D: Sooooo... with that in mind, I most likely won't be posting much between now and then and just wanted to give a heads up. If anything... Continue Reading →

Becloud Over Me

As I write the fourth book in the Detective Docherty series, I'm inspired by music and lyrics that I feel express what the characters are going through. If it's not your particular genre of music, I have included the lyrics below. They're all in the dark, surrounded by sharks--and the sky is falling down, and... Continue Reading →

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