The Future of Raven’s Hollow and My Book Series

It is that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is in full swing! I am writing this post in October, anticipating that by mid-month November, I will be in serious need of a shower, sleep-deprived, and suffering from a slight tremor from too much caffeine.  In the mean time, I wanted to wish everyone... Continue Reading →

Happy Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox 🙂 Things have been pretty busy here at the Hollow, but I wanted to make sure to wish everyone a merry equinox. Updates on my novel series and writing adventures coming soon ^_^

A little over a year ago when I first realized my newsletter was my best and most under utilized tool, I decided to take a course by Mark Dawson. His Self Publishing Formula (SPF) courses are pretty well known and he offers a Facebook Ads course for authors for free. If you want to learn... Continue Reading →

Free to Download In 2012 I published a book with a terrible cover and spotty editing. After much trial and error, different covers, and finding the right editor, Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears was finally able to find its readers. Last month, Demon's Tears reached over 200 ratings on Amazon (202 as of today)... Continue Reading →

What is Tapas? If you're here, you probably already know, so I'll make this quick 😉 Tapas is a free web comic and novel app. accessible via a phone, tablet, or a computer. Tapas provides free and paid comics and books to read--and that free content is good. Content such as Joanne Kwan's Demon House... Continue Reading →

I Painted Feathers

I painted feathers. In preparation for creating an illustrated novel, I've been taking time each week to practice watercolor. I've been holding a dark fairytale close to my heart for years now. The story focuses on a siren and as I imagined underwater scenes and a castle by the sea, I knew watercolor was the... Continue Reading →

Soul Prison

I'm officially announcing the title of my new novel and doing that sweet, sweet cover reveal. My mailing list saw it first, but if you're reading this, now it's your turn 😀 Soul Prison is a side story in The Necromancer series and focuses on Cecile and her undead family as they make a pitstop... Continue Reading →

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