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Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA! With the holiday season approaching and convention season dying down, I’ve been focusing on writing. I’ve been working on a couple of projects and the next Detective Docherty, so there will be updates on those projects soon!

This Sunday will be my last convention appearance for the season. I am pretty much out of stock, lol, so I’ll have copies of the first book and one or two of the third. I’ve been cleaned out of my second novel and wont have copies of those till the new year.

I will however have fairy lanterns for sale! That’s right, fairies trapped in jars by the goblin king himself! Lanterns are $10/each.


I hope to see you there!



For information on location, time, and admission frees, please visit the GTA Comic Con website: GTA Comic Con

or check out their Facebook!



First Look

Here’s a first look at some of the new changes to the pages of Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears. 

Small icons to divide the pages with either fangs or waves.

DDDT Icon example


Plus, a new mermaid friend for the glossary section and a magickal design to frame the page numbers for added fun 😀

DDDT Glossaries example

Going forward, I will be implementing all of these changes to each novel in the series. Though they are only small touches, I find them to be rather charming. I hope you do as well ^_^

In addition to the new icons, I made some small changes to the manuscript, I updated information and changed anything I needed to for consistency. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to Una from Quills and Queries for the edits and suggestions she made for Demon’s Tears. I really value her input and have to say I love how crisp and new everything feels. Every author’s first book is a learning experience and Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears has seen it’s fair share of edits, but I finally feel confident and proud of my first book and I owe that largely to the work that Una has put into it. So, thank you so much Una, and if anyone reading this is in need of an editor, I highly recommend her.

Now that Demon’s Tears is all shiny and new again, I will be juggling updating the rest of the books in the series while I write the fourth novel. In addition, Josh and I are creating a new set up for conventions and signings, so my plate will be pretty full for the upcoming winter months. During this time my blog and social media accounts might become neglected, but rest assured the fourth book is on it’s way 🙂


What has WaterRaven been Doing?

It’s been so long I thought it was high-time I checked in with you. The good news is, I’m reformatting my books and coming out with new releases of books one, two, and three, with updated manuscripts and new art, though the covers shall remain the same. The bad news is, I’m reformatting my books lol. It’s a long and tedious process, but I know it will be well worth it. Once I finish with this project, I don’t plan on touching these manuscripts for a looooong time. 

I’d like to say thank you to my friend and fellow author, Jen Frankel, who created these great icons for me so readers could identify the change of a scene or perspective in a fun new way:


How cute are those icons? Waves (left) for Alexandria and fangs (right) for Ares ^_^  I absolutely love them and love the way they look in the manuscripts. I am an avid reader and along with books, I also read comics and manga, and I have always appreciated the small, personal touches that artists and publishers have added to some books and comics that I’ve purchased. They seem to add a charming touch of intimacy between the world they’ve created and the reader.

In addition to the new icons, I’ve been working on title pages for the glossaries in the back of the Detective Docherty books. Here’s a sneak peek at the new title page for Demon’s Tear’s:

DDDT Glossaries


You may recognize her from the mermaid profile that I periodically post on social media and now she’s making her home as the mascot for the glossaries section at the end of Demon’s Tears. I plan on having a different fairy or otherkin at the back of each book like I do now to keep things fresh.

My books aren’t the only thing getting a make over! I am working on a whole new set up for book signings and conventions. With the limited space at signings, the set up wont be as impressive, but for tables at events such as Ad Astra and Fan Expo, we’re working on something big!

The dream? I’d like for people to walk over to my table and be in a fairyland. I’m building things up slowly. Here are a couple items I’ve collected to start building my fairyland:

The blue bits are the beginning of a kappa based on a ball joint doll I purchased and am customizing, the werewolf is a new addition from Fanexpo made by Worms and Bones (she really draws a lot of attention!), and the other photos are of a painting I can’t seem to finish and lots of raven goodies to add some more magic to the table!

And that’s where my focus has been lately. With all this in mind, once the manuscripts are updated, I’ll resume work on the next book in the Detective Docherty series. Once I have the cover art finished, I’ll be sure to post it 😉

Well, that’s it for me. I guess it’s time to hit the gym and watch Netflix!



I received this beautiful piece of fanart by Teabvt and I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s so beautiful. I tear up every time I look at it! It’s just so wonderful to see the whole gang together 🙂 Detective Docherty, Alexandria, Ares, and Raven ^_^

docherty concept.png

You can follow Teabvt on twitter and instagram!

Anime North Aftermath

IMG_3922If you attended the Anime North this year, needless to say, you know how hard it was to get up Monday morning.  And here I am, staying up late to write this… I’ll never learn 😉

Anime North was one amazing time. I mean–What a blast! 

I hardly know where to start.

Let’s start with what it’s known for: the amazing cosplay.  The Toronto Congress Centre, The International Plaza, The Crowne,  The Sheraton, and hotels all around the airport, the streets; they were all packed with wonderfully handcrafted costumes. Seriously, the sweat, blood, and tears that went into these costumes was apparent in their beauty and intricacy.

IMG_3919Anime North has the largest vendor’s room I have ever seen in person and I love shopping for geek-gear, but I truly feel it’s the cosplayers that make the con. They create this enchanting atmosphere with all of your childhood and adult favorites that simply can’t be replaced. Without the cosplayers, there’d be no magic. Their energy and willingness to pose for pictures again and again keeps the convention going.

Being anime focused, most of the costumes were of course anime characters, however I did see a Newt Scamander, several Disney characters, and even a Deadmua5 costume! I was excited to see some anime characters I recognized as well, like The Seven Deadly Sins and Hiyao Miyazaki characters (my fave). I felt more at home this year than I did last year.

IMG_3892Apart from cosplay, Anime North has an incredible shopping draw, as I said above it has the largest dealer’s room I’ve ever seen.  I had to restrain myself sadly, because I’d already spent too much $$$ on comics and books before the con, but I still walked the entire hall to window shop. Although, I happily admit I traded a book for some chocolate from Cakes Cove.


So many goodies! Wish I had more $$$

In terms of wanting to empty my pockets for shit I don’t need  more precious comics, books, and collectibles, what I really wanted to see was Doll North. Sadly I only made it to an evening doll swap and never got to see the Doll North dealer’s room. I was bummed, but I had such an incredible time with my friends and on panels, I honestly cannot complain. The swap was great too and I still got to see some awesome dolls and accessories.

Speaking of which, I saved the best for last! THE PANELS. I live for being a panelist, the discussions, the networking, and connecting to people through common interests–panels are my absolute favorite. Anime North did not disappoint.

I had my first panel Saturday night at 6pm on World Building and was shocked when I saw a line up out the door and a packed room with people sitting on the floor. Here’s to those people who sat on the floor to stay and participate in our panel–Thank you!


The other panels I participated on were Self-Publishing and the Ghost in the Shell controversy. Each panel had something to offer and all of the panelists and participants made each one a great experience. I hope that I offered to the participants and other panelists insight and advice that they can take with them, use, and become successful with. Apart from panels, I live for creativity, and want to see more of it in this world.



I hope that for the Ghost in the Shell panel in particular, that some people left more open-minded than when they entered. The panel itself focused on the controversy that arose from the main character of Ghost in the Shell being played by a white-woman and while yes, she was a talented actress, and yes she looked exactly like the cartoon character (and yes it was a good film), the issue is much larger than that. Why wasn’t a talented Asian woman an option? Why wouldn’t she have been a box-office hit making millions? I hope that those who joined us for the panel that day, help to create a world where TV and film finally represent everyone who watches and participates in them.

IMG_3918Apart from panels, shopping, and being trigger happy with my camera, I had a wonderful time seeing my friends and spending time with my fellow authors. Over all I had a wonderful weekend and cannot wait till next year.


Anime North

IMG_3846I was invited to Anime North this year to participate as a panelist! I am pretty damn excited.

I’ve only been to Anime North once and sadly had a limited experience. I was in the Toronto Congress Centre and didn’t have a chance to really do any shopping, I didn’t get to attend panels, and didn’t get to check out Doll North, but this year it… is… ON!

I’ll be participating in three panels:

Saturday at 6pm: World Building

Sunday at 11:30am: Self-Publishing

and at 1pm: The Ghost in the Shell Controversy

Here’s the full Anime North schedule and locations of my panels: Click Me.

I wont have a table, instead I’ll be cruising. I’m looking forward to really seeing the con this year. I know it’s impossible to experience everything, but I’ll do my best 😉

Anyway, if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to come drop in on a panel or stop me and say hi! I’ll be wandering about 🙂

Here’s hoping I don’t put too much of a dent in my wallet–I am a sucker for a good manga or comic.


anime north

Free eBook POW!

DDVM Cover Mockup 5Witches, elves, goblins, and vampires! Detective Docherty and the Vampire’s Mirror is free to download all week on Kindle!

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It’s been eleven years since the Great Awakening. Not much has changed around Toronto, minus the rumor there’s a new Goblin King in town and that a series of gruesome murders and disappearances are plaguing the city. Are the goblins raiding again or could this be the work of a serial killer?

With the flood of bodies and missing fairy reports, the Detective and his team have their hands full. If things weren’t bad enough, the agency has been hired by wizards. Everyone knows wizards can’t be trusted, but how far can their deception go?

A shadow has fallen over the city of Toronto. Can the Detective, along with his assistants, Ares and Alexandria, stop this wave of murders? Will their relationships survive the oncoming darkness or will they be changed forever? And will someone please name that d*mn goldfish?

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Confessions of an Indie Author

I suppose many of you have heard by now about Chris Cornell’s death and while I was not a die-hard fan of his, I certainly appreciated his music. Audioslave debuted during some pretty pivotal years of my life and I cannot listen to that album without slipping into nostalgia or remembering how hot I thought he was.

I read his wife’s statement regarding her husband’s death, here, on Rolling Stone’s website, and I cannot help but to think about what a terrible waste his death was and about how that could have been me, so here are the confessions of this indie author.

Some of you may know this and some of you may not, but for a time, I was extremely depressed and incredibly anxious. I have spiraled a couple times in my life: in high school, university, and several years after graduation.  In fact, I almost didn’t graduate university because I suffered a breakdown so serious, I refused to attend class and barely left my apartment for a month. I had to retake my courses and almost stayed an extra year.

I somehow came out of it, though it’s been a while now. I believe it was mostly thanks to a friend, some family support, and odd things, like random inspiration–but the truth is, anxiety and depression never truly leave those afflicted with them. They lay dormant inside, small seeds pressed deep in the recesses of the mind, just waiting for the right conditions to sprout.

And sprout they did a couple years before I turned thirty.

The anxiety came first. I became anxious about going to work because the truth is, I hated my job. I took some bad advice and decided that money was important and I needed it to feel secure and happy. I couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about how terrible my day had been and wondering what horrors tomorrow would bring, and then of course, my thoughts would continue on to the rest of my miserable life and my eventual death in what I considered to be a meaningless existence.

I was in a relationship with someone who didn’t love me anymore. Raven, my dog, died, and she was more important to me than I could ever fully express; a rock and a companion that had been there for me through some of the most difficult trials of my life. After she died… I broke. I split right in half: One side depression, the other side anxiety. I sat on my couch, day and night, crying or watching Netflix to try and distract myself from the incredible pain I was in. I just wanted to escape.

Without proper support from friends and family–because no one knew how to help me or understood how truly bad it was—I turned to medication, thanks to advice from my family doctor. I was on what I consider to be a very high dose. It stopped most of the crying and the physical pain I felt, but it also stopped everything else. I stopped caring about writing, drawing, work (I had gotten a part time job by this time), I stopped showering and I stopped going outside. I was no longer hurting in the same way as I was before, I was hurting in a new one.

Medication did not fix my problems or help me to help myself. Instead it took away the potential drive to do anything that might actually turn my life around and make me happy. I became part of the audience, watching the reel of my life, crying out for the girl on screen, wanting to help her, but I couldn’t. I was physically incapable of standing up and taking her hand and saying, “It doesn’t have to be like this. Come with me.”

I got kicked out of the house I was living in and fired. For the first time in my life, I had been fired and my boyfriend left me. He told me he didn’t want to take care of me anymore. Of course, while I had struggled this whole time, he had lived at home in his parent’s basement, working the job my father had gotten him, and could now afford to buy his own house. What a nail through the chest that was.

I was an island in an inconsolable sea of heartbreak, loss, and sadness. Losing those things that we use to define ourselves; a job, a pet, a lover, and becoming estranged from friends and family, I tried to take my own life. I had given it a lot of thought, because I had a lot of time to think about it.

The first time I really considered it I was in university. Unfortunately, I feel like once that thought pops into your mind, it ripples out through time, cresting and then breaking on the shores of your sanity at the worst of times. The life crash I was having was definitely the worst I’d experienced. I was ready to end it.

I called my brother up to say goodbye to him. I should mention here that he did not live close and tried the best he could for me from afar. My brother may be younger than I am, but to this day he remains my hero. When I called him, he drove all the way from Toronto to stay the night on my couch and make sure nothing happened. He had to wake up early the next day and drive back to Toronto for work. I look back and feel terrible for how much I must have scared him.

But he couldn’t always be there, so eventually I found the time and I made an attempt. Luckily what I tried did not work and I woke up with a new appreciation. I don’t remember everything about that morning, but I do remember gentle rays of golden sunlight and staring for a long time at a maiden hair fern I had placed on the window ledge of the room I was staying in. I realized I didn’t really want to die, I just didn’t want this life. I wanted a different one, where I did what I loved every day and I loved who I was.

So, I decided to try. I went to see a counselor, I started to wean myself off my drugs (despite my Dr’s insistence that I keep taking them), and I got a shitty part-time job at a gas station. I was exercising. I couldn’t afford a gym membership, so I would jog outside and do what I could inside: push ups, sit ups, etc; things I couldn’t do when I was on my meds because I had no drive and no energy. I changed how I ate. I cut out wheat, dairy, and I went from vegetarian to vegan. It was hard, but very much worth it.

Weaning myself off my medication was incredibly difficult. I will not lie about that. Towards the end, I would open the capsules and count out beads to lower the dosage and reduce withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms from my medication where terrible. My vision would get blurry, my eyes would feel like they were shaking, and the headaches would last days. The weirdest thing though were the “zaps” from withdrawal. It felt like little jolts of electricity were running through my system. There was nothing I could do about the symptoms though, so I waited it out. I worked when I could or I laid in bed. I reminded myself every day that the pain and discomfort would not last forever. It was hard, but I cannot express how happy I am that I did it.

Now that I think about it, I feel I should re-tract my shitty part-time job statement, because I was proud of that job and I don’t feel anyone should ever be ashamed of their job. At least they have one, at least they are trying. I did hate that I sold cigarettes, helping people to kill themselves, that our store didn’t recycle, and I hated that I drank more energy drinks than any one human being should ever consume, but it was my job. Mine (my precious). I had earned it, kept it, and I had money again and because of the growing financial stability it gave me, I was able to write again. I cared about writing again, which in turn meant I cared about my life.

Eventually I would be able to get out of part-time work and focus on full-time writing. And once things were more stable for me financially and emotionally I was ready. I met someone great, who supports my writing and who has vowed to love and cherish me through the good times and the bad. Together we build the life we want, everyday.

So, my life wasn’t amazing the moment I decided I wanted to live and live without fear. There were stepping stones to getting to where I am now,  but change is possible. You don’t have to be stuck in a life you hate or are afraid of anymore, you can change it. Counseling was and is the core of my success. I cannot stress that enough. Without someone I could speak to and to give me tools to take with me into my every day life, I do not believe I would be here.  My counselor did for me what friends and family could not. She gave me real tangible solutions to the problems that I faced.

With her guidance, I took control of my life. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a healthy mind were the building blocks that gave me a better and happier life, not a pill. I am not saying that no one needs medication or that exercise is going to solve all your problems, I am saying that you can take control of your life and through counseling, exercise, and healthy food, you can be your best self and take on anything, like publishing a book.

My anxiety and depression are not completely gone, I wont lie about that, but they no longer control me. When the storm comes and waters the seeds of doubt in my mind, I pick up a phone and I make an appointment and get help. I go for a run or a bike ride and I keep going. I know now that I can weed out the bad thoughts and feelings. I beat them before and I can do it again.

And you can too. You are much stronger than you think. Take a chance on yourself and live your life completely.