Inktober, Fantasy Indies Spooktober, and Spectober–October has been a Busy Month

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been doing #Inktober I have learned recently that there has been some controversy in the art community with the creator of Inktober, but at this time have decided to finish the month with the original Inktober prompt list and will consider other lists in the future.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you may recall my obsession with National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) from previous years, and I am here to say that this year will be no different! ^_^

Before the big writing month though, I decided to do Inktober again. I’ve tried to do the full 30 days in previous years, but sadly never finished. This year, though I am behind, I have completed more prompts than ever! Even if I don’t do the full 30 days, I have been making time for art and I am very happy about that.

Additionally, because I was so excited to do creative work again, when I learned about #spectober and #fantasyindiesspooktober , I couldn’t resist and hopped into those challenges as well. I am not doing all of these prompt lists to completion, but instead using them as reference to jump start creativity each day, be that art or writing. It’s been amazing and I wish I had challenges like this all year round for inspiration.

I am going to try* to do all of the prompts for this year’s Inktober, but the rest I am not pressuring myself with. Just jumping in here and there to get that creative work in.

I discovered #spectober through Tenayaanue ‘s account on Instagram. She created a great list of prompts for flash and short fiction. I highly recommend following her Twitter and/or Instagram accounts as she is doing a charming comic about a fire sorceress-turned-baker and has had some great flash fiction for #spectober.

With limited time, I’ve only been writing flash fiction for the prompts, but I am loving it! I have never written flash fiction before and have found it very motivating and freeing. It’s really helped me get back into writing every day, even if just for a little bit.

After having my son, I somehow managed to publish two novels, but now that he’s older and walking, it’s become much harder to get writing in. Thankfully, we’ve found a routine and I am able to do creative work again, but it’s a lot slower. It is not easy trying to sit down and write with all the worries of a mother and an adult on the brain, but thanks to #inktober and #spectober, I’ve gotten back into the habit of little bits every day and putting a schedule together.

#fantasyindiesspooktober was a last minute add-in to the mix. I am primarily using it to psych myself up for NanoWrimo and promote my new novella: Soul Prison. I had been struggling to connect to Soul Prison as I had just finished Death Made Me Do It and I sometimes need time between books to find inspiration and re-connect to the material with fresh eyes, but after Death Made Me Do It, I had such a vivid image of my necromancer and her fam-jam on a road trip together that I jumped right in.

My son changed significantly in development right around the same time and I had a lot of learning and adapting to do, causing a disconnect between myself and my story. There was a fog around Soul Prison and I had lost my vision of the narrative, but thanks to the prompts for #spectober and the #fantasyindiesspooktober list, I’m getting excited to write again and the ideas are coming back to me–and it couldn’t be at a better time! Nanowrimo is right around the corner!

With that in mind, I’ll leave a few of my posts from social media below for your enjoyment–and I do hope you enjoy them!

Wishing you a fun and magical Halloween/Samhain!


A watercolor piece I did for Inktober for Prompt #26 Connect. I painted it way ahead of the day because I was inspired and needed to paint it right away! 🙂
A fun fanart piece of Darling Charming from Ever After High ^_^

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