In 2012 I published a book with a terrible cover and spotty editing. After much trial and error, different covers, and finding the right editor, Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears was finally able to find its readers.

Last month, Demon’s Tears reached over 200 ratings on Amazon (202 as of today) and the novel is holding at just above 4/5 stars and is downloaded everyday.

On Goodreads, Demon’s Tears has passed 160 reviews and maintains a 4/5 average as well.

I published two novels this year, a second and a fourth from two different series: Detective Docherty and The Dark Curse and Death Made Me Do It and I am working on a third.

The Docherty series is four books long and accompanied by two side novels. It’s an amazing feeling to see them all together either on a book shelf or my Amazon Author Profile.

When I first started writing Demon’s Tears, it was called Detective Docherty: Paranormal Investigator. The name changed due to a suggestion from a previous editor, but don’t worry, I have plans for that first title and you will be seeing it again.

When I started writing the series in 2010, my dream was to publish my first novel before I was 30. I did it and I loved it so much, I worked full time and then part-time in order to keep publishing the rest of the series.

Today, I write and publish my novels full time and am thankful everyday for that opportunity. So, thank you to all of those readers who took the time to read and review my books. Every rating and review helps Docherty reach more readers.

Thank you to my fans for your support and for sharing and recommending my novels to others. Thanks to everything you’ve done, I am able to write and do what I love ^_^

I am grateful for you.

We reached a big milestone this year 🙂


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