Soul Prison

I’m officially announcing the title of my new novel and doing that sweet, sweet cover reveal. My mailing list saw it first, but if you’re reading this, now it’s your turn 😀

Soul Prison is a side story in The Necromancer series and focuses on Cecile and her undead family as they make a pitstop at her mother’s hell dimension. Upset that her mother reaped the souls of ghosts she was trying to save, Cecile decides to visit her mother and get them back.

When I originally visualized the story it did not feel as fast paced as the previous two books, it instead takes the time to explore what our characters have been through and takes savory steps through a world of beauty and death. The first two books came to me as back to back adventures and while this one is still an adventure, it also has room for reflection, which I felt was much needed for Cecile.

Stories for me have a life of their own. I don’t typically plan them out beforehand (with some exceptions) but they always have a feel and there are always key scenes that come to life. I’ve viewed my job many times as merely being the instrument of bringing these scenes to you, the reader. Whether its Alex and Merrick holding hands underwater, in that deep blue nothinginess, or Cecile playing her violin to the mountains, I’ve always felt like these scenes existed before me and I was merely the the dreamer who brought them to you.

The book synopsis on the other hand I’ve always viewed as a huge pain in the a**. How do I summarize everything I’ve seen and experienced through writing an entire book and make it a hook? Luckily, when it came to this novella, I thought of something quick and fun and that I might stick with:

“Cecile is on her way to Toronto to try her hand at wizardry, but before she starts waving a wand around, she just needs to make a quick stop at her mother’s hell dimension.

This side story in The Necromancer series takes a peek behind the curtain of human reality, showing us the wonder and horrors contained in the hell dimension of a death goddess.”

And there she is ^_^

Excerpts from Soul Prison will be available on my mailing list as I write it. If you’d like to keep up with the progress of the book and receive other freebies and exclusives, you can sign up below!

I am off to continue writing. Thanks for reading and wishing you all the best!


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