Show Your Work

My blog is getting a makeover.

Not physically, but spiritually. I’ve had this blog for some time. For years I really didn’t know what to do with it, but now I think I have a better idea of what it’s for, and how myself and this little space I have on the internet can be of service to readers and my fellow creators.

I saw this youtube video by Ali Abdaal about several things that he’d done over the last couple of years to create passive income in his life. Passive income is income that you make without actively selling. So, for example, my novels are available for sale online and people buy them through platforms like Amazon without me promoting them in a bookstore or at a convention. My books sell while I’m asleep, awake, it doesn’t matter. They are already made, for sale, and bring in income without me having to do too much to maintain sales.

Ali discussed stocks, a youtube channel, and a podcast, along with a couple of other platforms as a means to generate passive income. I actually started a podcast some time ago (it fell by the wayside. RIP) and I have considered a youtube channel off and on for many years now. I am still considering a youtube channel, but I have become comfortable on instagram and think I’ll chill there for a little while.

Anyway, after I watched his video on passive income ideas, my next recommended video by Ali was: How Writing Made Me a Millionaire. Naturally, I let that play through. I don’t usually go for “get rich quick” schemes but Ali isn’t selling that and he made that clear in both videos.

What he did was discuss how early on, he wanted to start a personal blog, but had many reservations about it. He worried about what friends and family would think, whether he had anything to offer, and even whether his grammar was good enough to start writing. As he spoke, I realized he mirrored a lot of the concerns I’ve had over the years.

Additionally, he discussed not having a finished product to show people–and that’s something I’ve always struggled with and worried about. Books take SO long to write and I would be left with this 1-2 year gap of nothing to show on a blog or social media. I just didn’t have anything to share or say while I was working on my next novel.

My instagram fell victim to pictures of food and my dog. I mean, he is a pretty handsome guy and makes a great werewolf post BUT my instagram didn’t have a focus.

When it comes to books and the writing process, I am still struggling a bit for ideas. I can’t necessarily show my process, because I am very much a pantser. I just sit down and submerge myself into chaotic thought and it somehow comes out as a story. However, I have been working hard for some time on progressing as an artist. For years I was working other jobs to support my books and then I was writing full time to get enough books out. It’s only recently that I can finally write books AND do art. I want more than anything to illustrate my novels and even create comics.

Watching Ali’s video, my gears began to turn on how I could show my work–which is what he recommended and a book he recommend. It’s literally titled Show Your Work.

Purchase HERE

He couldn’t speak higher about a book, so I went ahead and purchased it. Having read it, I will say that it is motivating and it helped to set aside a lot of the reservations both Ali and I shared–and the ones we didn’t. While I was hoping for examples of ways to show work, that’s not what this book is about. Think of it more so as a personal motivator to set aside your concerns and start to show your work. So if you’re worried that you’ll be too boring, that you won’t have anything worth talking about or showing, pick this book up and give it a read. You can purchase it HERE.

As for me, while I am still teetering on ideas on how to show my process for writing, what I do know is that I can show other things, what software I use and why, how I format my novels, how I edit them, etc. So I’ve created a page for Articles for Writers. Additionally, I’d like to show the process I am going through to become a better artist and illustrator and I am hoping that the information and experience I am sharing will contribute to the growing writing and artist communities I’ve been a part of since I decided to write my first book.

So that’s where we’re headed and I hope we both enjoy it. Pfffft.

Later 🙂


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