Inclusive Resource for Authors

For those of you interested in pursuing writing or who belong to the author community, I thought I’d share a resource that I have often turned to be more inclusive in my writing.

When I first started out, I wrote what was familiar to me, which was primarily white, hetero-characters (as reflected in the first novel) and as I’ve continued my series, I’ve decided to endeavor to be more inclusive because it’s important to me that my written works are a representation of our society and the wonderful diversity of individuals in it, and not the harmful tropes and stereotypes I often see reflected in popular shows, books, and movies.

So, if you’re looking for a good resource on being more inclusive in a positive way, here’s a blog that I recommend. Sometimes it is open for questions, but if not, they do have a database that you can refer to ^_^

Writing with Color

I am currently looking for a resource on writing Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) as well, so any recommendations are welcome, otherwise I’ll keep looking till I find one to share!

Short and sweet today, but important. The more we talk to each other and educate one another, the better we all will be.


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