Art, Art, Everywhere

And too much on my plate!

It’s good to be busy, especially now, but man is the pressure on, because…

I am pregnant! I only have until August (August 20th going by my Due Date) to write two books and get them published before I’m stumbling through baby care 😅 (Lmao, flails, falls over).

We’re a little ways away, but writing, editing, and publishing two books is a big undertaking. Thankfully, the rough draft of Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse is finished!

Once the manuscript is in the hands of the editor, I’ll pour my full attention into writing the sequel of I Fell in Love with a Necromancer. I was alternating between both projects, but I found that once I finished the rough draft of The Dark Curse, all I wanted to do was get it edited and get it to the editor! I am so excited about this book 🥳 I can’t wait to promote it!

This time around, I’m going to work on more of an active book launch, by promoting and teasing the novel to my mailing list and social media, as well as doing an ARC for readers who have been very active in reviews with the previous novels ^_^

So look out, I may be approaching you to offer a free copy in exchange for a review 😉

In the mean time, my official baby announcement:

Watercolor in my new sketchbook ^_^

Gotta love dragons 🥰

I hope you and all of your loved ones are safe and healthy,


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