A Quick Update

It’s full blown lock down for me at Raven’s Hollow, and I am sure it’s the same for many of you. I’d just like to say quickly, before I get into anything else, that my heart and my thoughts go out to everyone suffering from this pandemic; to those we’ve lost, to those who have lost, and to all of the healthcare workers and workers deemed essential to society, that are risking their lives every day–my heart and my thoughts are with you.

Saw this image on Facebook. Hard to make out the watermark, otherwise I’d link and credit.

As some of you may know, prior to this pandemic, I lost my mother. I won’t pretend that I was brave, I miss her terribly and I am often haunted by what I saw and experienced during this last year, as she declined from her illness and finally faded.

There are so many times that I wish we faded like the fae or even like the Jedi–this peace and acceptance as we move on to something else, but that was sadly not my mother’s experience, no matter how I may have wished it.

To keep the haunting memories and grief at bay, I am doing as many of us are doing now, escaping into other worlds, and in my case, my own–though I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done my fair share of Netflix binging.

So, after this blog post, I plan to fill this blog with news of my books and updates on my artwork again. I am very much looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you and all of the art projects I’ve worked on recently. I can’t wait to share more of my worlds ❤

Ending on that happy note, I wish you all health and happiness through this time.


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