Lord of the Rings TV Series

Though I have yet to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was a HUGE fan of the films when they first came out. I did read and love The Hobbit, and it should be no surprise that I was enamored with the film trilogy that stemmed from it. An unpopular opinion, I know, but I actually prefer The Hobbit movies over The Lord of the Rings.

There was just something about the hope of the story. It ended tragically, to be sure, but the overall tone of the series was exciting, comical, and it felt to me, like such a magical place. Frodo’s journey was exhausting and ended up scarring him for life, whereas Bilbo went on a grand adventure that changed his life for the better. As we saw in Fellowship of the Ring, the hobbit’s adventure with Gandalf carried him through the rest of his life, and though it would seem the ring’s influence was largely behind him leaving the shire, I believe that his heart longed for another adventure.

The songs of the dwarves in the first Hobbit film are still among my favorite and as an avid dragon lover, Smaug remains one of my all time favorite dragons in film, along side Draco from Dragonheart.

So naturally, when Amazon announced a Lord of the Rings series, I screamed, flailed, and ran about the house. It’s been some time since I’ve heard anything, however, a production this size, for a quality series, takes a long time. But now, thanks to Looper, we have some news and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you!

There’s a lot left to the imagination and quite a bit of uncertainty, but I’m ready to start building the hype!


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