Introducing: The New Face of Docherty 🙂

Cover art by Evelyne Paniez

I spent a good month debating on whether to re-brand all of my covers and, really, the entire mental representation I had of my world. Needless to say, it was an extremely hard decision. In fact, I made a facebook post with the first new cover to touch base with my readers and see what they thought, in addition to hounding my author friends on various messenger apps, and all because I needed help processing the decision I think I had already made.

Why was it so hard? Re-branding is expensive, yes, but I felt like my art had failed me somehow. The idea of someone else’s artwork representing my story and my characters was, and is, painful. Writing is my life but combining my art and writing has always been my dream. Designing my own covers gave me so much joy and letting go of my covers was really hard, but I realized I had to make a change if I wanted to survive as an independent author.

The online ebook market is very cut and dry: You need covers that match all of the other covers in your genre. The end.

I had already run ads, done mailing list sign-ups, and gone to conventions and book signings, but I wasn’t making the sales that I needed to continue as an author, and I could only conclude that it was because of my covers. After taking several online courses on AMS ads and Facebook ads, I learned that while my covers were eye-catching and unique in print, eBook readers weren’t attracted to them or didn’t know what to make of them. It was time to commit to new covers.

I am a couple of weeks in on the same ad campaigns I was running before, but with the new covers, and I’ve already made more sales than I did in the last two months. So, so far so good, but time will tell. We’ll see how these new covers do in the long run ^_^

From what I can tell, there’s a bit of a divide on the subject of having different ebook and paperback covers, but it’s fairly common for some books to have different covers, so I’m going to stick with two different covers for the time being. Plus, I want to make sure that I finish the paperbacks with my original artwork, so that my current readers have a series of paperbacks that match 😉

All of that being said, I love the blues on the above cover, and while the female character is a little too thin and elegantly dressed to be Alexandria, her hair reminds me of Alex and the mirror and skull figure match my first novel perfectly. I don’t think I could have commissioned a better fit.

The first two covers I purchased were surprisingly premade covers that I found through I had no idea premade covers were a thing until I started looking for new cover art.

I’d approached several artists that I was hoping would do covers on Deviantart, however, they either weren’t open for commissions or didn’t get back to me. So that sucked but, low and behold, I stumble upon TheBookCoverDesigner and found covers by Evelyne Paniez.

Evelyne is a wonderful artist and it is amazing to me that I found not one, but two book covers that she had premade which were PERFECT for my first two novels. She and I both agreed that we seemed to be on some kind of similar creative wavelength 🙂

Anyway, I cannot praise her enough. Evelyn makes beautiful covers. She was quick to make any minor changes I requested and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for book covers.

If you get a chance, check out her website. She offers premade covers for sale, in addition to artwork, and also takes cover commissions:


I was sad and afraid to step away from my own covers, but I’m glad I did and Evelyn’s work as really inspired me to continue writing and continue to push my books.

Thanks Evelyn 🙂

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