I’ve been Drawing

I’ve been practicing drawing hooman-type things. Above is one of my MC’s from Detective Docherty. He’s a vampire named Ares (some of you may know him >.>)

I’ve drawn my whole life, but growing up, I never wanted to draw people; I wanted to draw animals and mythological creatures. Ever since I can remember it was dragons and unicorns, but eventually I came to love other magical creatures; such as centaurs, elves, vampires, and sphinges–all of which have human elements.

I know most authors would draw their worlds and characters if they could–and I’m just the kind of crazy who’s determined to do just that (because I’m insane, not sure if that was clear). That being said, I realized I needed to up my human game if I was going to bring my worlds to life through art as well as literature.

So I started with stuff like this LOL What a cheat, I know! But A for effort, right?

Further attempts were made with this painting, however I drew and painted it with little to no references or anatomy practice, so… while I love it, I realized I needed to start practicing anatomy and different drawing and painting styles to improve. I’ve loaded up on books, Youtube, and coffee and have begun my home art-schooling.

So what I’m saying is, expect a lot of art dumps and fanart 😀

Ares as a comic character pffffft lol but actually, drawing this character reference has already helped with anatomy and especially clothing (notice the above fairy and kelpie are nekid). Prior to this guy, I drew the portrait of Ares at the top of this post. While I like that portrait for the most part, some of the facial anatomy is off and bugs me. It was my first drawing of Ares though, so I’ll cut myself some slack.

I plan on doing more references for Ares and my other characters. The above is a very simple comic-type style but I’d like to try out different styles to see what works best for me as I develop. I’ll need to do close ups and try multiple facial expressions and angles to really get his character down.

I found this really neat dragon reference sheet (above) on Deviantart by KatePfeilschiefter. This example gives an idea of what I’m talking about, a sheet for an artist to reference when drawing character so they always look the same 🙂

I decided recently to plan my weeks out in such a way that I’m dedicating time to both writing and art, that way I am progressing in both. Ares has been my subject within the last two weeks, but I will branch out to other characters and mediums soon. I’m going to stick with watercolor and digital for now because I seem to get the most enjoyment out of them. I used to do acrylic and colored pencil, but I’m finally ready to pick my mediums and stick with them (lol @35).

Here I did a digital drawing of Ares in an manga/comic style. I like him quite a bit, but need to flesh out the style a bit more. I have confidence that with practice I’ll get better and each character will develop into an individual through a style that’ll be uniquely my own, but for the time being, expect me to be all over the place >.> Speaking of…

Here’s a closing example of my progression with watercolor. On the right you see my first attempts with my fairy, and on the left, you see more detailed work with better depth for the dragon Morkeleb. For Morkeleb the Black, I used references and worked with techniques I learned from a book.

I’m really excited about the way it turned out and am looking forward to doing more fantasy scenes with this medium. I’m even planning to try out some noir painting. I can’t wait to show you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to sharing my next post with you!


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