Mission Accomplished

DDSG cover luluDetective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game is finished! Early releases of the eBook and trade paperback are now available to my patrons through Patreon.com, but will be available to the rest of the world in a couple of weeks! Hoorah!

It’s taken WAAAAAAY too long for this book to be published and I am NOT going to let that happen for the next two books. I want to see this series through and I want it to get to my readers faster. I have so many books and series planned that I simply can’t let each book take two years.

And so, this year, I am going to try to publish two books: Detective Docherty and the Dark Curse (book IV) and another book, separate from this series (title to be announced). It’s going to take a lot of work, dedication, and proper time management (something I know nothing about), but I’m going to try! Thanks to a couple patrons and those friends and family who have supported me outside of Patreon.com, I was able to get this last book published.

Hopefully with sales from Detective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game and the help of my patrons, I’ll be able to hammer out these next two books without the financial constraints that put this last book on hold.

Well, I guess I have some books to write 🙂

More updates coming soon.




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