Anime North

I was invited to Anime North this year to participate as a panelist! I am pretty damn excited. I've only been to Anime North once and sadly had a limited experience. I was in the Toronto Congress Centre and didn't have a chance to really do any shopping, I didn't get to attend panels, and... Continue Reading →


Free eBook POW!

Witches, elves, goblins, and vampires! Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror is free to download all week on Kindle! Download Free: Synopsis: It’s been eleven years since the Great Awakening. Not much has changed around Toronto, minus the rumor there’s a new Goblin King in town and that a series of gruesome murders and... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Indie Author

I suppose many of you have heard by now about Chris Cornell's death and while I was not a die-hard fan of his, I certainly appreciated his music. Audioslave debuted during some pretty pivotal years of my life and I cannot listen to that album without slipping into nostalgia or remembering how hot I thought... Continue Reading →

Ad Astra 2017

I'll do my best to write this post before I forget everything from this past weekend. Ad Astra 2017  was... THE BEST AD ASTRA YET! WOO! Ad Astra 2017 was full of endless amusement, hilarity, and was without a doubt an all around good time! Where to start? Well, it was wonderful to see my... Continue Reading →

First Annual Cosplay Games

When I'm not writing, I like to stay active in the sci fi/fantasy community by helping out local conventions, like the Canadian ToyCon. Here's a video I made of the last event we put together: The 1st Annual Cosplay Games! Our next cosplay games will be held at the GTA Comicon in November. More info... Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished

Detective Docherty and the Sorcerer's Game is finished! Early releases of the eBook and trade paperback are now available to my patrons through, but will be available to the rest of the world in a couple of weeks! Hoorah! It's taken WAAAAAAY too long for this book to be published and I am NOT... Continue Reading →

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