Heroes Manufactured Movie Premiere

Heroes Manufactured PremiereLast Friday, my friends at We Got the Geek and I attended a movie premiere for a documentary called Heroes Manufactured, written and directed by Yaron Betan. It focuses primarily on indie comic artists and publishers trying to break into the main stream and explores the comic book industry on a large spectrum. In the documentary we not only hear from local artists and writers in the Greater Toronto Area, but also from big names in the industry such as Stan Lee.

The documentary is diverse, but primarily follows the efforts and hard work of Alfonso Espinos, local comic artist, writer, and owner of Studio Comix Press, as he travels around Canada promoting his works and the works of those he’s published. We also get to look inside the studio and office of local artist, Meaghan Carter and her fellow female artists (woo!), in addition to hearing from Shane Krishenblatt, Andy Stanleigh, and Ty Templeton.

Every person in the documentary has something to give: their experiences, be they failures or triumphs, advice, or honest truths–and there were some hard truths to hear, but above all else, I felt they offered inspiration to writers and artists like myself.

Watching this documentary, I have to say, I really saw strong parallels between the comic book industry and the publishing industry. I saw a lot of the same challenges and hardships faced by indie authors, but I walked away feeling ready to take on big publishing and I hope that if you watch Heroes Manufactured, that you do too.

I’d like to end with a short video of myself on the train home with the We Got the Geek crew and friends and our energy and impressions after the premiere. And– forgive me, if this is your fist time seeing me in person, get ready for it. As professional as I try to be on this blog and in literature, I am really just another crazy artist šŸ˜‰



New Year Report

It’s been almost three months into the new year and uh… not much to report, honestly. It’s been a fairly slow winter. I had hoped to have Detective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game ready for Ad Astra this year (May 5th), however I’ve had a couple of set backs, potentially setting the publication date back. My editor is working on it however and I am considering taking pre-orders and shipping the books out once they are ready. If I decide to do this, I’ll have a sign-up sheet at Ad-Astra, along with my laptop to send out confirmation e mails.

In the mean time I have been working on scheduling events and book signings. Quite a few bookstores are undergoing renovations in my area, so I have been keeping myself busy with local conventions and a couple of side projects.


Sarah WaterRaven, Steve Buckley, and Wonder LibrarianĀ 

Speaking of which, just a couple of wizards at this month’s ToyconĀ . I wouldn’t consider myself a cosplayer, but knowing as many wonderful cosplayers as I do now, lately I just can’t help myself!

April will be a pretty busy month with visits to Kitchener Comicon,Ā the Guardians of the Geekery Con at the Geekery Pub in Niagara, and even another Toycon! I’ll be attending the Geekery Con as an author and artist, but will be hitting up Kitchener Comcion as an official member of the We Got the Geek podcast and focusing primarily on interviews and discussions.

My presence at the Toycon is usually fairly casual. I do bring books to the Toycons, but as those events are primarily focused on collectibles, I primarily sell off duplicates from my own collections (yeah, I’m a full on geek, not just a writer).

After that, May will bring with it Ad Astra! THE science fiction and fantasy literary convention in Southern Ontario. Josh and I go every year and this year we plan to make an amazing weekend out of it. I cannot wait to see my fellow authors, readers, and fans, and fully immerse myself in the creative minds of my peers.

Lastly, I’d like to end with an exciting announcement: My friend Alfonso Espinos from Studio Comix Press (the very man that I share table space with at many a’ local convention) was featured in a documentary about the Canadian Comic Book industry! I am super proud of that man, I know he’s a hard worker, and I cannot wait to see where this takes him. Myself and the crew at We Got the Geek will be attending his movie premier this Friday, March 24th and I CANNOT WAIT!

Check out Heroes Manufactured and have a great rest of the week: