Sarah WaterRaven Part Two

Part Two of the Sarah WaterRaven series. This is a glimpse into my life working with animals and traveling. I actually graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and pursued an environmental career before I became an author.

Hope you enjoy ^_^


Sarah WaterRaven Part One

With my book trailer and a reading posted to Youtube, I figured it was about time to create an introduction video to my life as an author. Here’s a short preview of how I get out and promote my books and artwork.

Hope you enjoy!


Characters Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve written, I apologize. It has been a busy holiday season over here, as I am sure it was for everyone else.

What’s happened since I’ve been away?

The manuscript for Detective Docherty and the Sorcerer’s Game is finally in the hands of the editor! I am looking to publish it this spring, hopefully by the end of April. I am so looking forward to sharing the continuation of my story with my readers.

In addition, I was made an official interviewer for a local podcast: We Got the Geek!  We Got the Geek is a southern Ontario based podcast that covers all things geeky, from books and comics, to shows, collectibles, and movies. With press passes we get into local conventions and interview local authors, artists, and cosplayers, as well as famous actors, voice actors, comic artists, and more!

I met the owner and interviewer, Jay Stew, of We Got the Geek at Hamilton Comicon over a year ago and we’ve been friends since. I’ve attended many conventions with Jay and his teammates (Sara and WonderLibrarian), been a guest at their own local convention at The Geekery Pub in Niagara falls, and helped to man tables and set up events. It’s been a fun year with them and I was honored when they asked me to officially join their team at their annual Christmas Special at the Geekery Pub this past year.

A part from that, I have been working on developing my presence online and recently made this wonderful image of my Alexandria to add to the Detective Docherty Wikia and share on social media:


While I develop my drawing skills, I have been customizing ball jointed dolls and dressing them up as my characters to use as references for myself and my readers. A decent photograph and a nice filter from Photoshop or Photolab, and I can make a nice image like the one above.

I fell into ball jointed dolls when I first saw one at a convention. The doll I saw (Angel of Dream’s Yu) was the perfect size to be one of the gremlins from my books and even had pointed ears. Once I saw it, I realized I could create my characters three-dimensionally and work from there. They could come with me to conventions and book signings and represent my characters until I felt more confident in my artwork to represent them myself.

No one told me how expensive ball jointed dolls would be however (their clothes, their eyes, their wigs etc and justifiably so, the amount of time and skill that goes into making the dolls and their accessories is admirable), so I had to stop myself while I was ahead and only have a few key characters and creatures. It wasn’t easy, but I needed to put my money back into my books and not into a doll obsession– which I nearly had! I jumped right down the rabbit hole at first and wanted a million dolls. It is incredible what these skilled artists can make now. It’s not just elf and vampire dolls anymore; it’s centaurs, winged centaurs, dragons, werewolves, mermaids, and even driders! I obviously wanted the world of Detective Docherty (and more) in my house. So, that’s dangerous and I can’t shop online for a very long time. I even have to avoid certain websites and hashtags until I have this sh*t under control 😉

In the wake of my near-doll obsession I have decided to work primarily on art projects pertaining to Detective Docherty and will be creating Youtube videos to discuss my books, the creatures within them, and the writing process and perhaps include footage from conventions, panels, and signings.

So stay tuned for updates and I hope you have an incredible new year.