Detective Docherty Book Trailer

I finally made a book trailer for my book series.

Welcome to the world of Detective Docherty. 


A Different Kind of Fairyland

Reposting this with the release of my new book trailer coming up 🙂

Ravens Hollow

image5The Otherworld may be a lot closer than you think. For those of you familiar with my books, you might know the Fairyland in which I’m referring to, one that while it’s magickal, is holding on by a thread; a fairyland suffocated in human development, social norms, and societal pressures. The World of Detective Docherty boasts a large variety of magnificent and supernatural beings, but instead of living separate or hidden from human society, they are either immersed in it or living on the edge of it.

Creatures such as pixies and sprites can survive in smaller habitats and aren’t as effected by human development, and while elves look the most human and can navigate urban and rural settings easier than most, these beings were not meant to live in cities. After the collapse of the otherworld however, they had no choice.

As an environmentalist and nature lover, I’m an…

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