Rogue One Geekery Con


We’re going to stab JStew. He deserved it.

I just got back from one fabulous day con at a fabulously geek-themed restaurant called The Geekery Pub, in Niagara, Ontario. It was called the Rogue One Geekery con in celebration of the new Star Wars movie and was hosted by The Geekery Pub Inc. and their partners in crime, the folks at We Got the Geek; a local podcast on everything geeky. Needless to say, there were geeks-a-plenty of every shape and genre: There were gamers, and cosplayers, art collectors, and readers, podcasters, artists, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

All right. I’m done. I’m still riding the after-con high. My bad.

Despite my excitement however, the morning started out slow with Josh and I being over an hour late (Sorry Sam, sorry Jason, sorry Kelly, sorry con), but once we were there and set up, we were chatting it up with fellow vendors, friends, and visitors, and faith in us was renewed!


Wonder Librarian makes a fabulous droid & she let me borrow her lightsaber. P.S. Slowly putting together a steampunk cosplay!

Amongst this fine collection of geeks, Josh and I were happy to see our friends and fellow vendors:  The Wonder Librarian, our friends Kelly and Lee, and of course our friends at We Got the Geek. There was much merriment and picture o’ plenty, many jokes, and even prizes to be had! Josh and I didn’t enter the Geekery raffle ourselves, but I was very happy to see someone take Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears home– Good bye, sweet book, may your words grow and fill the hearts of others …

Anyway, as this is my last convention for the year, I decided to debut my line of handmade fairy lanterns! The lanterns feature fairy of all different shapes and sizes and include some more recognizable characters, such as Tinkerbell and even those pesky Cornish Pixies, mostly known throughout the Potterverse.

I don’t do a lot of fan art, but I have to say, I really enjoyed making these. I ended up making several Little Mermaid lanterns that I liked so much, I ended up keeping one. I didn’t plan on making a ton at first, but I am glad I did, it was more than worth seeing the looks of wonder on the faces of onlookers and buyers when they saw the flicker of my handmade lanterns ❤ Thank you so much to those of you who bought my lanterns and made them a part of your home.

For those of you interested in buying lanterns of your own, they will soon be available on my Etsy shop: Raven’s Hollow Shop

With book and lantern sales, great staff, and our friends there, Josh and I would say this was one of the best cons we’ve been to. We’ve found more and more, that with each convention we attend, we become a part of an integrated community of fans and creators, artists, writers, musicians and more, and we’ve never felt more inspired or more at home than with them. This was a great note to end our con season on. We are truly blessed with such a wonderful community of geeky friends ❤


While I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays and new year, I am even more excited to gear up for next year’s cons and festivals!  Time to get that third book published 😉

Well, better get off to bed. I’ve got a book signing tomorrow that I’m very much looking forward to and don’t want to sleep through!

Wishing you a magickal Sunday,