Merging onto the Convention Highway

Conventions are in my opinion, an essential for the indie author looking to build a following. In fact, I prefer working conventions over attending them and not just for the sales and exposure, but because of the convention community. After several years of being a part of the con-circuit in Southern Ontario, I have come to recognize fellow authors and vendors as... Continue Reading →


A Different Kind of Fairyland

The Otherworld may be a lot closer than you think. For those of you familiar with my books, you might know the Fairyland in which I'm referring to, one that while it's magickal, is holding on by a thread; a fairyland suffocated in human development, social norms, and societal pressures. The World of Detective Docherty... Continue Reading →

Con Season

It's officially con season, time to get out your Geek-Gear! With Convention Season upon us, I felt it was high time I wrote something useful on this blog. Ontario boasts a large number (and growing) of fan-run and commercially-run fantasy and science fiction conventions.  As my home base, this article will focus primarily on cons in Southern Ontario, but this information is... Continue Reading →


There sits an old stone book store on the corner of Dundas st. and Mill st. in Waterdown, Ontario. Like many of the buildings in historic Waterdown, it's weathered and charming. From the clumsy lock and brass handle on the door to the thin window panes and old style font on the glass that reads:... Continue Reading →

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